Ever dreamed of having the smile of a movie star?  with our dentists, you will have the privilege of being able to choose the colour, shape and size of your teeth, in order to recreate your perfect smile.

Our veneers and crowns are made of metal free ceramics, InCeram® emax and Empress® zircon. These new generation ceramics don’t have a metal base like most ceramic crowns. This means that light rays pass straight through (translucent), and results in a perfectly natural aspect like your natural teeth. No longer will you have these unaesthetic black lines, usually visible near the gum side. And they are even more solid than their metal counterparts.


Get rid of your old grey metal fillings which are unaesthetic and full of mercury and replace them with ceramic inlays. These fillings which are tailor-made for a perfect fit, look like natural teeth, are non polluting and not toxic.
So you no longer have to compromise between solidity and aesthetics.


Crowns, which are caps covering an existing tooth, are made either of pure ceramic, or, of ceramic on metal. The metal base under the ceramic cover, is usually made of nickel chromium. Nowadays we rather use zircon which is more aesthetic and environmentally friendly.


A bridge consists of a series of crowns, linked together in one piece. If you need to replace a missing tooth, you can bridge that gap, by using the other teeth on either side of the gap as pillars to support the missing crown. Bridges can also be built on artificial pillars, called implants. Bridges can be small (3 crowns) or replace all upper or lower teeth (14 crowns).


When a tooth is extracted, it leaves a gap on the dental arch. It is important to fill this gap, in order to preserve the mouth’s chewing capacity, its occlusal balance, and to prevent the adjacent teeth from tilting in this gap. The implant replaces the part of the absent tooth which was not visible underneath the gum line (the roots). The implant is in fact an artificial root, made of titanium, which will support a crown, or can be used as pillar for a bridge. It is placed in the bone underneath the gums in 2 steps. First, the implant is inserted in the bone, and left alone for 4 to 6 months to settle (depending on the area and the bone density). Only then, can the crown be built on top.


In the case of a complete loss of teeth, only 2 to 3 implants can be enough to hold and stabilize a complete dental set on a removable appliance. For a fixed bridge, a minimum of 6 implants are necessary to replace the whole dental arch.


We provide periodontal treatment using laser technology. This surgical technique enables  treatment of affected areas, without opening the gums and exposing the bone. The main advantage is to avoid the invasive surgery otherwise needed to treat periodontal infection. No surgical blade, no blood, no stitches. Therefore, less infection risks, also due to the destruction of harmful bacteria by the laser beam. This technique provides excellent results, total cleansing of the treated areas and no traumatic post treatment effects. Healing in days not week.


Of course, we also provide the complete range of usual dental treatments, such as: fillings, root canal treatments, extractions, scaling and polishing, etc …



With time and use, the enamel on the surface of the teeth, are filled with stains and dirt. By releasing nascent oxygen directly on its surface, the outer shell of enamel is thoroughly cleaned, and this results in a brighter and whiter aspect of your smile. The product used for all bleaching techniques, is carbamide peroxide, whose secure use, has been widely documented in many studies. You will find it in home bleaching kits, however, when used in the one hour chair procedure at higher concentration, better results are obtained more quickly.


This is done with a gel, and a special cold LED light, releasing no heat. The gel is deposited on the teeth, illuminated for 10 mins, then removed, and replaced with new gel. This is done 3 times for optimum results. The materials used, comply with European standards (EEC). The light enhances the effect of the gel.


We also offer the latest home kit, OPALESCENCE, which uses the same technique, though the gel is less concentrated, and it thus takes more time to work. But it offers the advantage of being done at your whim.

The clear alternative to braces
Invisible, removable, confortable

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