We are here to answer your questions

Will the quality of the work done meet your standards ?

We are European trained dentists, and our specialists have degrees from French universities. We use the latest high tech equipment which meets EEC standards. And we strive to do our best !

Why should I choose to go to Mauritius for dental treatments ?

You will be treated by European dentists, who meet the same standards as the one you would find in renowned practices in European capital cities. And you will pay much less for the same treatment. The work can be done in one week, and you can at the same time relax and enjoy a week’s holiday on idyllic beaches.

How much will I save ?

The more work you need to be done, the more you will save. Our prices are roughly less than most European capital cities. For example, the completed work for an implant with ceramic crown, will cost approximately 1 300 euro (depending on exchange rates). Check at home how much your dentist charges!!! You might be surprised… (Around 2 000 euro, is the standard price).

Why such a difference in prices ?

Though we are using the same materials, overheads make the difference. Cost of living, renting, salaries, professional charges are much lower here, than in Europe.

Will I be able to communicate in this foreign land ?

In Mauritius, the official language is English, and everybody speaks French. Our team will answer your calls fluently in either language.

How long shall I stay in Mauritius for dental treatment ?

A week to 10 days is sufficient. Concerning prosthetic work, once the dentist has prepared the teeth for crowns or bridges, he will make an impression of your teeth. This will be sent to the dental lab, who will return the work within 4 days. For more extensive bridges requiring pre-trials, an extra day might be necessary. 
Prior to the impression, you might need root canal treatments; this will take two extra days.
This should leave you with plenty of time, for playing golf, shopping and relaxing on the beach….
As for implants, which are done in 2 steps, you will need two trips to Dentcare,3 to 6 months apart.

How should I pay ?

Cash, In euro or Mauritian rupees or by credit card. No deposit is required at booking. Once you will have agreed to your treatment plan as discussed with the dentist, and are ready to go ahead, a down payment of 50% will be asked; the balance being due, at completion of the agreed treatment, a few days later.

For insurance needs, please provide appropriate forms. We will gladly complete all the necessary paper work required by your insurance company.

How to proceed ?

Please contact us by e-mail, and attach, if available, a recent digital panoramic x-ray which you will get from any up-to-date radiologist. State, what you think should be done, or explain what your dentist has told you about your dental needs. We will give you our opinion and a quote if the diagnosis is straightforward. Should you then wish to come and visit, we will organize the appointments following your treatment plan.

You are still undecided and want to see for yourself ? Or you are one of the many repeaters to our beautiful island ?

Please pay us a visit at Dentcare, on your next trip to Mauritius. We are in Mapou in the north of the island and will be delighted to show you our magnificent settings.

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