It is composed of experienced, qualified and specialized dentists(implantology), chair assistants and administrative staff. Our specialists have degrees from French universities. We all speak fluent English and French. One of our practitioners also speaks Russian. Using the most recent and best technology available to date, we are glad to offer an excellent service at exceptional prices, in a short time span.

Dr Alain Clarenc
Doctor of dental surgery (Montpellier 1982).
Implant surgery- Esthetic prosthetic

Dr Diana Petrenko Laguette
Doctor of dental surgery (Lithuania 2005).
Esthetic prosthetic – Pediatric dentistry
Preventive care.


Dr Gerard Leonide
Doctor of dental surgery
(Ukraine 2016)


We use digital technology for panoramic, as well as for small chair side X-rays (RVG). Interiorly cameras for better communication to visualize and help you understand what needs to be done. We follow EEC standards, for our equipment and services.


We have several treatment rooms  specifically sterilization surgery, routine care, prophylaxis, or bleaching. Our room for surgery and implantology is fitted with ambient air.


The sterilization room has a separate wet and dry area. The instruments used, are first dipped in a decontamination bath, then rinsed, then dipped in an ultrasonic bath, rinsed again, dried, packed in individual pouches, and sterilized in an autoclave (121ºC and high pressure). For high risk patients, we use disposable, throw away instruments. Autoclaves of type B used ensure the most complete sterilization available in the world.

Hygiene for the whole family