When a tooth is extracted, it leaves a gap on the arcade. It is important to fill this gap, in order to preserve the mouth’s chewing capacity, its occlusal balance, and to prevent the adjacent teeth from tilting in this gap. The implant replaces the part of the absent tooth which was not visible underneath the gum line (the roots). The implant is in fact an artificial root, made of titanium, which will support a crown, or can be used as pillar for a bridge. It is placed in the bone underneath the gums in 2 steps. First, the implant is inserted in the bone, and left alone for 4 to 6 months to settle (depending on the area and the bone density). Only then, can the crown be built on top.


  In the case of a complete loss of teeth, only 2 to 3 implants can be enough to hold and stabilize a complete dental set on a removable appliance. For a fixed bridge, a minimum of 4 implants are necessary to replace the whole arcade.


  We provide periodontal treatment using laser technology. It is a surgical technique which enables us to treat affected areas, without opening the gums and exposing the bone. The main advantage is to avoid the invasive surgery otherwise needed to treat periodontal affection. No surgical blade, no blood, no stitches. Therefore, less infection risks, also due to the destruction of harmful bacteria by the laser beam. This technique provides excellent results, total cleansing of the treated areas and no traumatic post treatment effects.


  Of course we also provide the complete range of usual dental treatments, such as: fillings, root canal treatments, extractions, scaling and polishing, etc ...

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